What we offer

Jayne is a highly experienced psychologist who has worked in a number of areas that include research, crisis counseling, trauma management and counseling, private practice and clinical assessments.

Jayne has had extensive experience in the treatment of trauma and closely worked with the Australian Federal Police following the Bali Bombing. She provided both treatment of the victims and their families and conducted presentations for the Federal Police to the victim’s families regarding the impact of a major trauma.

She is a highly skilled clinician who offers treatments for psychological disorders, stress management, trauma treatment and supportive counseling. Jayne has also undertaken extensive training in couple counseling and marital therapy.

Jayne has experience with treating adults and adolescents with issues such as:

Depression Anxiety disorders such as
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders,
panic attacks and phobias
Trauma Eating disorders
Stress management Grief and loss Anger management Family therapy
Couple counseling Self-Esteem issues and building self confidence Work stress Adjustment difficulties


Jayne can also assist with clinical assessments and WorkCover assessments and treatments.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jayne should you be interested in her services.